When to Stir & When to Shake a Cocktail

When to Stir & When to Shake a CocktailI kind of hate to admit it, because I like to think of myself as a free-spirited, anything-goes type of person, but the truth is I’m a rule follower. It gratifies the Virgo in me to know that there is some order to the universe. For instance, if there is a line forming at a checkout counter and some wise guy decides to create another one or sneakily jumps the line entirely, I’m usually the first one to speak up. Yep, I’m that person. “There are rules here, guy!”

There are, of course, exceptions to a lot of rules, but I’m of the mind that it is only when you know the rules inside and out that you are allowed to break them. Take, for example, shaken martinis. People certainly have a lot of opinions about whether or not to shake or stir a martini. Why? Because shaking a martini goes against the rules of cocktail making. But if James Bond likes them shaken, they can’t be all that bad.

So what are the rules of shaking and stirring a cocktail, anyway?

To get the full story as well as recipes for a classic shaken and stirred cocktail, head on over to eHow. I’m now officially contributing boozy content to that incredibly helpful site! Need to know how to string a guitar, frost a cake or know when to shake or stir your cocktail?? eHow  is a pretty great resource for just about anything! Check it out, share, tweet and LOVE! 

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