The Whiskey Cardinale

Like a fiery, Italian bombshell in a Spaghetti Western, this little rye whiskey cocktail goes down real easy. Wait. That sounded….um.


Ok. All you need to know about The Whiskey Cardinale is this cocktail, or a slight variation on this recipe, was my go-to, after work sipper for like a year straight. And continues to be one of my all time favorites. I have used bourbon and maple syrup in the winter months and have most recently used English tea syrup as the sweetener. But the ratio of whiskey, Italian Amaro, coconut water, lemon juice and sweetener always stays the same. And is spot on, if I do say so myself.

Whiskey Cardinale

Like Claudia Cardinale, this stunner has international flair, a hot blooded Italian side and a sexy, sweet quality. I’m now going to stop making horrible analogies. Just make this and drink it and thank me later. KTHXBAI!

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