The Veracruz: Tequila, Coffee & Ginger

omigod, fall!

It’s a full on Autumnal explosion around these parts and I couldn’t be happier. I’m going to crunch so many leaves and wear only earth tones and eat pumpkin EVERYTHING. This time of the year is the BEST! And it’s usually so fleeting. So, we have to appreciate it all before the bitter, soul crushing cold comes to take away all of our joy forever and ever….

PRETTY LEAVES! Yippee! This dog knows how rad fall is!

Coffee syrup is a favorite of mine to make for cocktails this time of year. It has a wonderful depth of flavor, is great with seasonal spices and is really versatile with a variety of spirits. While I was at T. Edwards Wines Cocktail lab, recently, recipe testing for fall cocktails, I knew I wanted to make a version of something I’d tried in the past. It was a simple combination of four flavors that sounded odd together but really worked: tequila, coffee, ginger and lime. I called it, The Veracruz.

The Veracruz Cocktail Recipe

So, I made a ton of coffee syrup, in addition to the fig spice, ginger and pink peppercorn syrups that I intended on using in some of the other cocktails, and looked forward to testing out the different types of Suerte Tequila in The Veracruz.

Photo by Mylene Pionilla-Rosebbaf syrups

I didn’t know if T. Edwards would have a ginger liqueur to test with, but when I was able to see their entire spirits line-up, I discovered that they were carrying Roundhouse Spirits’ Corretto Coffee Liqueur, which I had been curious about, and had yet to try. So, I switched out coffee syrup for ginger and the ginger liqueur for coffee and used the Suerte Tequila Blanco…

roundhouse coffee liqueurPhoto by Mylene Pionilla-Rose & coffee cocktailPhoto by Mylene Pionilla-Rose

Photo by Mylene shaking2 & coffee cocktail.pour2Photo by Mylene Pionilla-Rose & coffee cocktail.taste2Photo by Mylene Pionilla-Rose

I was a big fan of this new version of The Veracruz! The Corretto Coffee Liqueur was super tasty on its own and worked really well with the other three ingredients in this cocktail. And the story behind this Boulder, Colorado liqueur is a good one:

To handcraft Corretto in small batches we use organic free-trade beans that are hand selected by blind roaster, Gerry Leary, of the Unseen Bean in Boulder. We add a touch of whole vanilla bean, and sweeten it with just the right amount. The end result is a wonderful burst of coffee flavors spiked in the Italian-style.

The Corretto Veracruz
2 oz Suerte Blanco Tequila
1 oz Roundhouse Correto Coffee Liqueur
1 oz Ginger Syrup
1 oz Lime Juice

Shake over ice, strain into a cocktail glass

Wrap your body in a squash colored sweater, put on some Fleetwood Mac and sip this baby on your foliage coveredĀ fire escape. Ah yeah…FALL!

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