The Shandy CioCiaro

ShandyCioCiaro.jpgThe end of summer is fast approaching, folks! Where did it all GO??? I only got to the beach once this summer. I didn’t make it up to the Catskills at all, and I never even got a chance to ride my baby blue Vespa through beach-y grass whilst bedecked with boho beads with my blonde bestie! Bummer.

While I normally don’t grieve this time of year because August is typically gross town USA in New York, and I usually welcome fall with open, desperate, sweaty arms…we’ve actually been having glorious, cooler than usual weather throughout the month, making me feel like I never want summer to ennnndddd. So let’s squeeze out the last few bits of the season that we can this next week, shall we? Making a delicious shandy is a good place to start!

Traditionally, shandys are half beer and half lemonade, lemon soda or ginger ale/beer. This one incorporates the lemon AND ginger and then adds the Italian bitter liqueur, Amaro CioCiaro for an extra kick. The French know this beer/amaro combo well. Picon Biere, a classic drink in some regions, is beer with a shot of Amer Picon. This bitter liqueur, unfortunately, is not available in the states but according to respected drinks historian (that’s a JOB, you guys!) David Wondrich, Amaro CioCiaro comes closest to the flavor profiles present in Amer Picon, with clean orange notes and less vegetal than some amari. And it works beautifully here!

So, strap on some boho beads, whip a few of these babies up and drink in the last few drops of summer!


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