The Master Blend – A Bartender Series: Christine Wiseman

Listen to The Master Blend – A Bartender Series: Christine Wiseman”

The Bit by a Fox Podcast is now on its fourth episode in the Bartender Interview Series – The Master Blend. In collaboration with BERTOUX Brandy, the Bit by a Fox Podcast is hosting a series of interviews with some of America’s most acclaimed and innovative bartenders.

This week’s interview is with Christine Wiseman, Bar Director of LA’s most fabulous rooftop cocktail bar, The Broken Shaker at the Freehand Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. We discussed her 20 year journey through the industry, from managing the busiest Outback Steakhouse in the country to creating scratch and sniff cocktail menus, and spearheading the LA cocktail scene with a heavy dose of her signature sparkle along the way.

Christine Wiseman’s BERTOUX Brandy cocktail: Crème de Ciel 

Crème de Ciel 
2 oz BERTOUX Brandy
.50 oz Gentian Infused Chinola*
.75 oz Lemon Juice
.75 Blue Curacoa
1/8 oz Simple Syrup 

Combine all ingredients in tin and shake, double strain into a coupe. Garnish with a marigold.  

*Gentian Infused Chinola
750 ml Chinola
3 oz Gentian
Infuse for 1 hr and strain

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