The Harvey Wallbanger Slushy

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The Harvey Wallbanger is one of those cocktails that people don’t really order anymore. But in the golden days of disco, this drink was huge. In the 1970s, every stone fox in town thought this drink was far out, out of site…copacetic, ya dig? Ok, maybe not EVERYone loved this cocktail (or talked like that), but it WAS hugely popular and then it all but disappeared from our cocktail lexicon until fairly recently. And, even then, it’s still not a go-to drink for most people. The simple recipe is basically a screw driver – orange juice and vodka, with the addition of Italian Liqueur Galliano floated on top. Maybe it just needed some re-tooling…

For this slushy (and sparkling) version, we’ve upped the flavor profile by using blood orange sorbet instead of orange juice, and blended it with vodka, Galliano Liqueur and ice.


And for that extra, fizzy zing, we top it all off with Perrier L’Orange, the newest addition to the brand’s all-natural line of sparkling mineral waters, which also includes Original, Citron, Lime and Pink Grapefruit.

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Perrier L’Orange is infused with natural orange essence, has the tiny sparkling bubbles (a purported 50 million bubbles per serving!) that they are so famous for, and is a sugar and calorie free alternative to sweet sodas. The delicate balance of minerals and carbonation creates a crisp, clean and distinctive taste. It’s a perfect addition to this cocktail that would otherwise be much too sweet and heavy. It lightens it up in a number of ways.

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To make two drinks at a time, start out with about 3/4 cup of sorbet and 2-3 ice cubes.


Add 3 ounces of vodka and 1 ounce of Galliano and blend until it reaches a slushy consistency.

Pour the blended mix into highball glasses about halfway.

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Top with Perrier L’Orange.

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Stir with a straw to combine the mixture.


You can add an extra scoop of sorbet for a float and an orange wedge for garnish!

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As the temps start rising, slushy cocktails are LIFE. And, this recipe is an easy one to expand and pre-batch for a group of people. Memorial Day BBQs, anyone? Key parties?? Ok, you don’t have to get too thematic…Now, don’t be a jive turkey, man, and just make this!

Sponsored: The Harvey Wallbanger Slushy was designed exclusively for Perrier’s newest flavored sparking mineral water, Perrier L’Orange, available at retailers nationwide. Perrier products provided, however all opinions are my own.

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