The Green Mountain Cooler with Barr Hill Gin

I was recently asked to create a signature cocktail for a very special birthday celebration. Since it was an important milestone for John, they wanted to make it personal.

John’s wife, Jenn (also, my former boss and all around bad ass), contacted me about a month before the party. She mentioned that their caterer, Nisa Lee, had already picked out a catchy name – The Green Mountain Cooler, in honor of John’s love of Vermont – and she had already purchased the green American Heritage Ball Mason Jars  (featured on the blog!). But they still needed a fun, summer cocktail to fill them with! I was more than happy to help.

Because of their shared love of Vermont, and John’s recent penchant for Gin & Tonics once summer had hit, I thought the perfect spirit for the occasion would be Vermont-made Barr Hill Gin from Caledonia Spirits, profiled here back in January.
Caledonia Spirits Barr Hill Gin

Coincidentally, they had just tried Barr Hill Gin the weekend before I suggested this, when a friend happened to bring a bottle over to their place. And they became instant fans! We decided to go for a fancified version of a G&T…

Below is the recipe I created for this signature cocktail based on a few other flavor favorites for the summer – cucumbers, lime and ginger!

The Green Mountain Cooler Cocktail
Instead of regular tonic, I wanted to use one of my all time favorite mixers with ginFever Tree’s Bitter Lemon Soda. Because it is flavored with quinine, it has that familiar tonic bite. But this soda is all natural, not too sweet, is super effervescent and a little goes a long way. The Bitter Lemon Soda is also made with Sicilian lemons, so it’s just a little sexier than your average cocktail mixer. Add in some fresh made ginger syrup, muddled cucumbers and lime, and you have the perfect summer sipper. And a gorgeous accessory for your next rooftop summer party! 

Thanks John and Jenn for letting me be a part of this special day!

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