The Cape Codder and Sumner Falls

In just a few short hours, I’ll be mixing up my version of a Cape Codder cocktail for the world premiere of this exciting new play:

Sumner Falls Poster

I love when I am tasked with the challenge of putting my own twist on a beloved cocktail. The play takes place in a small town in Cape Cod, so this was clearly the cocktail to take inspiration from. But how do you change up the classic vodka/cranberry juice combo, while retaining what most people love about this simple drink? I decided a little spice, citrus and bubbles wouldn’t distort this drink too much from its original flavors. Many versions actually already call for some lime juice and seltzer and the addition of ginger warms it up for fall and feels especially seasonal with the cranberry.Sumner Falls Cape Codder RecipeIf you are in NYC, and free this evening, you should definitely stop by Theaterlab tonight at 7pm to try this souped up Cape Codder…and take in some original theater, of course!

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