The Bonfire Brew

Bonfire Brew flask title logoAs I mentioned on Saturday, I was on my way to a camping weekend extravaganza in beautiful rural Pennsylvania…

Lesterfest BonfireIt did not disappoint. The weather was beyond beautiful.

Lesterfest treesThe camp was packed with a fabulous mix of folks as usual.

Lesterfest tentsWe even had our own hashtag. Nailed to a tree.

Lesterfest hashtagYep, we were in nature but we were far from roughing it…check out this Chinese lantern rave!

Lesterfest Instagram

Instagram highlights clockwise: Fall has touched down in PA; A pizza oven on the campground; Bloody Mary bar in the morning; Every camping weekend should be capped off with fireworks!

And then there was the official camp cocktail…The Bonfire Brew!

Bonfire Brew at campAs you can see, this was not a fancy-pants set up. But it DID sort of taste fancy! And there WERE fun straws!

Bonfire Brew at camp2I wanted to riff off of a beer cocktail I created last year with whiskey and Italian Amaro, The Shandy CioCiaro. I knew there would be a bunch of kegs there and that brewsky would be most people’s drink of choice for the weekend. But maybe people would want to mix it up, so to speak!

Bonfire Brew allWe were at the tail end of National Bourbon Heritage Month, so good ol’ Wild Turkey seemed like a good addition. And, in keeping with the seasonal shift into Autumnal glory, I threw some apple cider into the mix!

Bonfire Brew antlersThe Bonfire Brew – single serving
Build in a large, ice-filled pint glass:

3 oz pale ale or lager type beer
2 oz bourbon
2 oz apple cider
1 oz spicy ginger beer
1 oz Italian Amaro
1/2 oz Lemon Juice

Stir well with long spoon or straw.

Large Batch – serves 12-15 people
In a gallon-sized canister combine the following ingredients:

5 cups beer
1 standard sized bottle Bourbon
3 cups apple cider
1.5 cups ginger beer
1.5 cups Amaro
6.5 oz lemon juice
Pour mixture over an ice-filled pint glass. Enjoy!

Lesterfest fox

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