The Bit By a Fox New Year’s Eve Party Prep

Ladies –  Tease the Coiffure:

patti-boyd-1960s-hairstyle-tricks-for-long-hair.jpgGentlemen – Do whatever Jimmy Darmody does:

jimmy darmodyDon’t forget to pick up some noise makers and funny hats:

vintage_new_yearAnd, of course, some bubbly!

champagne 4 + Marilyn Monroe + Tom Ewell + Seven Year ItchThen get ready to arrive in style!


EV003000I hope everyone has a safe and fabulous New Year’s eve tonight. I’ll be making a punch version of my Holiday Highball cocktail tonight, with Champagne instead of club soda. Because, it’s a FANCY night! For any of you in need of sparkling wine cocktail inspirations for tonight, check out these blog posts about bubbly here!

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