Thanksgiving Countdown: Grey Gardens Cocktail

It’s happening, you guys. Winter is Coming!!!

GreyGardensEdieIt has officially become puffy coat weather this weekend in NYC. There’s been a shift in color palette across the city, the vibrant trees have been swept bare and the cold, grey days have started to set in…

Buuuuut, that doesn’t mean we have to strap a turban to our heads and crawl into our cat covered bed for the entirety of the season, waiting for the long, cold, dark to pass. It’s also just the beginning of the holiday season and there’s plenty of celebrating to be had!

Start by making the Grey Gardens cocktail! Like the Holiday Highball and Red Hot American Winter, this cocktail was created for the Hometown Spirits event a couple of weekends back, and features two of my favorite local spirits, as well as the ever familiar ginger syrup!

grey gardens cocktailI liked the idea of putting Owney’s and Atsby Vermouth together, and I originally was going to do a take on the Palmetto – a cocktail in the same vein as a Martini and Manhattan – equal parts spirit and vermouth with a few dashes of bitters – typically white rum and dry vermouth. But I kept thinking back to the first time that I tried Atsby “Armadillo Cake” Vermouth, and how taken I was by the earthy, chamomile and tea-like flavors that came through when sipped on its own. I love using tea in cocktails and Earl Grey tends to summon wintery cozy-time by the fire feelings in me this time of year, so that was clearly going to be an ingredient in one of my winter creations! It also lends a really lovely, almost smokey quality to the bright, vanilla, butterscotch flavors in Owney’s Rum. It all worked! And turned out to be one of the most popular drinks of the night.

Grey Gardens



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