Thanksgiving Countdown: Ginger Syrup & The Red Hot American Winter

In continuation of our Thanksgiving Countdown, I hereby present this spicy, hot number:

Red Hot American WinterLast Saturday, I wanted to have a hot cocktail. I’m a huge fan of boozy, hot apple cider this time of year and Van Brunt Stillhouse Bourbon was a great addition. I also wanted to highlight the spices in the clove-forward Sorel Liqueur. Truth be told, this cocktail was inspired by the fact that I was suffering from a nasty cold and I was making a version of this for myself nearly every night that week leading up to the event! There is something therapeutic about all of these ingredients together, especially with the addition of the freshly made ginger syrup. I know it made me feel a little better!

Since I use ginger syrup in a lot of the cocktails featured on this blog – because it can add so much(!) – I’ve finally included a recipe. I haven’t, until now, because my portions have varied over the years…and I haven’t always measured the amount of ginger I use. I usually just put as much in as the pot can handle! I like it extra zingy!

Bit By a Fox Ginger Syrup Recipe

This syrup is also cuh-razy good drizzled over ice cream or used to create your own, home made ginger-ale, as a sweetener for tea, or in place of simple syrup in cocktails cold or hot!

MoPub Syrups.jpg

Makes about 2 cups

2 cups of peeled ginger, sliced into discs (I prepare this way because I like to save the left over ginger for other uses after I’m done)
2 cups of Sugar
2 Cups Water

In a large stockpot, bring everything to a boil then reduce to a simmer, uncovered for 30 minutes. Let cool, strain and bottle.

You can use the left over ginger for candied ginger, amazing muddled in an old fashioned or nibbled on its own! Both should keep for up to a month.

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