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BBaF Podcast Episode 8: The Moscow Mule

Tomorrow is National Moscow Mule Day and I thought for this week’s podcast episode, it would be fun to interview someone from the brand that originated this popular drink – Smirnoff ¬†Vodka. I had a lovely interview with Jay Sethi, VP of Smirnoff Vodka, but unfortunately our Skype interview just didn’t take and so it […]

Getting Into the Oscars Spirit with The Sparkling Limoncello Drop

Oh, hello darlings, I didn’t see you there… Now that I officially live in La La Land, I’m pretttttty Hollywood. I mean, I lounge around all day in my velvet robe and sip on fresh citrus and bubbly cocktails without a care in the world. My meals are mainly variations of¬†avocado toast and the occasional […]