Summer of the Aperol Spritz

Have you heard? It’s the Summer of the Spritz!

spritz in naples pr2

In Venice, the birthplace of the Aperol Spritz, they garnish with an orange slice and an olive!

Ever since I discovered the Aperol Spritz a few summers back, it has been a summer staple for me. Once Memorial Day rolls around, and the temps start creeping into steamy garbage territory in New York, my got-to is usually a Spritz. “If you Schvitz, Grab a Spritz!” That’s your catchy, new tagline, Aperol. You can thank me later. It’s so freaking light and refreshing and isn’t too boozy…soooo, you can have a couple of these delicious suckers and still keep the foxes at bay.

Cheers, Capri!

Cheers, Capri!

But the Aperol Spritz has reached a new fever pitch in my life this summer. Is it in the zeitgeist? Is it everywhere you look, too?

spritz in venice

Aperol Spritz! Venice waterfront! Perfecto!

Part of my obsession with the Aperol Spritz may be because I went to Italy earlier this summer and experienced this aperitivo the way it’s supposed to be experienced – as a nightly, 2-3 hour pre-dinner celebration of LIFE! Along the waterfronts, in the streets, outside cafés…

Aperitivo Hour Naples

During Aperitivo Hour in Italy, they often have specials with a little bite to eat as well!

…and, sometimes, on the streets, outside of cafés…sitting atop a parked Vespa! (OMG! So Italian! I die!)

Aperitivo Hour Cafe

Piazza Bellini in Naples

Maybe I’m just noticing the Aperol Spritz more because people in the states are finally realizing how delightful a beverage it is! Campari America rolled out a huge ad campaign, primarily through social media, for the summer called Aperol Brunch Society. For this particular campaign, targeting the states, Aperol declared its signature cocktail, the Aperol Spritz, the official drink of brunch. And it looks to be catching on…in the target cities, that is. Most likely cities where people really love to brunch – New York City, Los Angeles, Miami and San Francisco. The program officially kicked off at the end of May and a big part of their campaign was their Instagram search for four “Chief Brunch Officers” in each city. Applicants sent in 15 second videos claiming to be the biggest Aperol Spritz and brunch enthusiasts. The most popular ones were picked to brunch all summer long, twice every weekend with their friends, all on Aperol’s dime. Sounds like a good gig, eh? But I still prefer to have mine at that magic hour…later afternoon, early evening, Aperitivo Time!

Aperitivo Hour pr

In Naples’ Piazza Bellina

I’m not going to lie, I’ve turned a LOT of gatherings this summer into a chance to introduce my love of the Aperol Spritz to people who might not otherwise know about it. And, since it’s a three ingredient cocktail, it’s such an easy one for people to make themselves. And that means I’m not the only one making the drinks!

aperol spritz table

Aperol Spritz
build in an ice-filled glass
2 oz Aperol
3-4 oz dry Prosecco
1 oz Club Soda
Garnish with an orange wheel

Cin Cin!

spritz bk

2 Comments on Summer of the Aperol Spritz

  1. Suzonne
    August 29, 2014 at 10:16 am (6 years ago)

    I missed the trendy part, but I’ve been drinking them all summer (craving them, actually). In the heat and humidity of New Orleans, it seems like exactly the right cocktail!

    • Prairie Rose
      August 29, 2014 at 12:37 pm (6 years ago)

      Perfect! Especially for that hot, humid weather. I’ve been craving them too!


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