Strong ‘n Stormy Slushy with Reed’s Strongest Ginger Beer

The Dark ‘n Stormy is a classic highball traditionally made with a robust, Caribbean style dark rum and spicy ginger beer. It’s as simple as a mixed drink gets, but those two opposing flavors create a heavy dose of complexity…and deliciousness!  

There’s a reason why this drink has enjoyed consistent popularity since the 1800s when sailors were throwing them back with abandon!   

If you’ve ever been involved with the seafaring world, then you know this drink’s deep connection to maritime history. Rum was a popular ration for England’s Royal Navy in the 19th century, and ginger was used as an effective seasickness cure. These two were bound to come together on a boat or near one! Bermuda was the supposed birthplace of this combo finally getting together, and the Dark ‘n Stormy, as we know it, was born. 

Cocktail legend has it that the name was dubbed by a sailor who, after imbibing one of these spicy numbers of his own, remarked that the color of the drink was reminiscent of a storm cloud too dangerous to sail under. 

While I LOVE the simplicity of this drink, y’all know I was gonna mess with it! In fact, you know what makes this version even better? It’s a slushy. With this extended summer we’re having in Los Angeles (helloooo 85 degrees in September), I’m still welcoming ALL the frozen drinks for as long as I can. The other reason this take is next level? I did not settle for that normal spiced ginger beer. Oh no, this (sp)icy beauty deserves some strength! I used the spiciest ginger beer on the market –  Reed’s Strongest. COME THROUGH GINGER SPICE!

Reed’s Strongest has 3 times the fresh ginger root of their Original and the result = SPICAAAAAY (that’s like extra spicy). We are turning up the volume on that ginger in this slushy because we actually need to. With all that ice, you need the spice! Make sure to also have a very deep, dark, robust rum to counterbalance those big flavors. I also like to add a little lime juice and a touch of salt to brighten all of the ingredients.  

The beauty of this version is that it can be batched out so you can serve a number of people at the same time. What’s better than an ice cold slushy cocktail? Um, 8 of them.  

Enjoy this with some friends throughout the first weeks of a warmer than usual fall. The Strong ‘n Stormy will no doubt help you to weather the storm of all that ails you! 


2 bottles Reed’s Strongest Ginger Beer (24 oz)
12 oz dark rum
4 oz fresh lime juice
teaspoon salt
2 cups ice
Garnish: 8 lime wheels

In a blender combine rum, Reed’s Strongest Ginger Beer, lime juice, salt and ice and blend until slushy consistency. Pour into large rocks or highball glasses and garnish with lime wheel.

This post was sponsored (and powered!) by Reed’s Ginger Beer. As always, all opinions are my own.

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