This Saturday, In Brooklyn, The Foxes Den!


Whether you are like me and have barely given holiday shopping a passing THOUGHT, or if you are some crazy person and did it all in one fell swoop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday or some other made up marketing ploy to separate us all from our hard earned cash, I’m CERTAIN that you’ll still want to pick up some lovely, hand-made goods at Bushwick, Brooklyn’s brand new flea market, Shwick Market! Look at this hipster fantasia:

If the whole idea of battling the ravenous department store crowds in Manhattan puts your stomach in knots and you’d really prefer to support small businesses and locally made products and artisans, then this market is for you! But, the real incentive for all of you NYC foxes to go on Saturday should be that we’re getting the band back together! That’s right, The Foxes Den is back! I’ll be, once again, alongside fancy-vintage-cool-girl shop Prizes For Arla, selling seasonal cocktail syrups, shaking up some winter tipple samples and handing out my fave winter cocktail recipes.

pf table syrups c&p.jpg

In summation…

Bushwick, Brooklyn’s very own flea: SHWICK MARKET

This SATURDAY, December 6th, 11am-7pm

The location is at Six Charles Place, inside, off the J/M/Z Myrtle/Broadway stop. For directions click HERE.

Because you like to support your local economy, you still haven’t found a gift yet for your picky sister and….cocktails, duh.

Hope to see some foxy faces this weekend!

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