On Your Maker’s Mark, Get Set…Mango Ginger Mint Julep!

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Mango Ginger Mint Julep with #MakersMark #JulepOff

And we’re off to the races! We’re a little over a week away until the Kentucky Derby and, as usual during this time of year, I’ve been a little obsessed with Mint Juleps. But this year is especially exciting because I’ve been tasked with the challenge by the good folks at the venerable Kentucky bourbon company Maker’s Mark, (maybe you’ve heard of it?!) to come up with the most delicious twist on the Mint Julep evah! Sweet baby bourbon, I love a challenge. As part of their #JulepOff contest, I’ve decided to submit for all y’alls approval, the Mango Ginger Mint Julep.

Mango Ginger Mint Julep with #MakersMark #JulepOff

Place all your bets, people. The gun is about to go off and this one is a sure thing!

Mango Ginger Mint Julep with #MakersMark #JulepOff

I’ve tried ginger syrup (in place of powdered sugar or simple syrup) in a mint julep before, with much success. But, the addition of muddled mango in this version makes this dark horse win by a nose.

Mango Ginger Mint Julep with #MakersMark #JulepOff

Mango Ginger Mint Julep with #MakersMark #JulepOff

If you’re throwing a Derby Party, you’ll need to have a batch of Juleps on hand, so you can attend to your guests, the race and your fabulous hat instead of making individual drinks all afternoon. So, this recipe is enough to serve 10-12 people:

1. Make the Ginger Syrup:

Ginger Syrup – makes about 1.5 cups
1 cup of chopped ginger (no need to peel for this)
1 cup of water
1 cup of sugar

In a large stockpot, bring the ginger, water and sugar to a boil, then reduce to a simmer, uncovered for 10 minutes. Remove from heat, cover the pot and let everything steep and cool to room temperature. When the syrup has completely cooled, strain the syrup, pressing the ginger to release as much liquid as possible. After straining, you can set aside the ginger solids for other uses, or discard. Store the syrup in the fridge until you are ready to use. Should keep for about 3 weeks.

2. Marry the syrup with the bourbon:

Ginger Whisky Julep Mix – Makes about 10-12 drinks
1 750 mL bottle of Maker’s Mark
1 cup Ginger Syrup (You can use less or more depending on taste from the batch you made)
Combine together and refrigerate for 24 hours to marry flavors.

3. For the finished drink you’ll need:

  • Ginger Whisky Julep Mix
  • 1/2 cup chopped Mango for muddling, cubed Mango for garnish
  • Bunches of mint leaves to muddle and for garnish
  • Candied ginger for garnish
  • Garnish skewers
  • Crushed ice (If you don’t have access to crushed ice, you can use these Cubette Mini Ice Cube Trays that I’m infatuated with. They create the teensiest little cubes (cubettes!) that work well for this drink.
  • Silver Julep Cups!
  • Straws – When using a straw, make sure that it is cut to just an inch above the glass so your face gets a head on collision with the gobs of mint in the glass when sipping your julep!

Preparation: Add a few cubes of mango and some mint to the bottom of a julep cup and lightly muddle. Fill the cup halfway with crushed ice and stir. Fill the rest of the cup with heaps of ice. When the outside of the julep cup is nice and frosty, pour the Ginger Mint Julep Mix over ice. Generously add sprigs of mint leaves for garnish. Skewer candied ginger and mango for additional garnish.

And, just in case you go through that batch, here’s the recipe to make an individual drink:

Mango Ginger Mint Julep
2 oz Maker’s Mark
1 oz Ginger Syrup
Fresh Mint (to muddle and for garnish)
Cubed Mango (to muddle and for garnish)
Candied Ginger (for garnish)

In a julep cup, lightly muddle a few sprigs of fresh mint and cubes of mango with the ginger syrup. Fill the cup halfway with crushed ice and bourbon, stir. Fill the rest of the cup with heaps of ice. Generously add sprigs of mint leaves for garnish. Skewer candied ginger and mango for additional garnish.

Mango Ginger Mint Julep with #MakersMark #JulepOff

On your mark, get set….NOW GO MAKE THIS DRINK! Cheers, y’all!

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