New York Harvest Cocktails with ME this Saturday, November 8th!

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Hey, New Yorkers! Are you as excited as me about the Autumnal explosion that has unleashed itself all around us? And all of the yummy flavors that go along with this season? Do you like to support neighborhood businesses and local booze makers? Do you want to take your cocktail skillz and holiday entertaining to the next level? Are you into free cocktails and ALSO the idea of hanging out with me for an afternoon?? That’s a silly question, I’m sorry. Of COURSE YOU ARE. Well, this Saturday you can have the chance to get a big dose of all of those things! Learn some of my favorite cocktails to make this time of year AND try them out. For FREE! It’s true!

Beloved neighborhood wine & spirits shop, Brooklyn Wine Exchange, has been hosting wine and spirits tastings as well as cocktail classes, in their beautiful back room for a number of years now. They host weekly, free classes that seat up to 40 people, and are also offering a series of classes that get more in depth, for a fee. I’ll be teaching one of these series in January. And I’m pretty excited. But I wanted to do a free class to introduce myself to the store’s regular clientele, recruit some new faces, and warm up for that series in a few months! Check it out:

This afternoon, Prairie will present flavors, spices and spirits of the season, and mix up several tasty “Harvest Cocktails” which will highlight New York distillers and seasonal ingredients from local sources. The class will also serve as an introduction for Prairie’s four part cocktail series beginning in January here at Brooklyn Wine Exchange.

I’d LOVE to see some of my Foxy Friends this Saturday. The class starts at 4pm and all you have to do is show up thirsty. For knowledge and cocktails. Well, for delicious cocktails, mostly. I can guarantee at least that!

If you’d like to attend, please email Spirits Director, Kyle Devine at

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