Mad Men Food & Cocktail Chat Tonight!


We are now just DAYS AWAY until the final season of Mad Men is under way. And, it’s been a delicious and boozy ride! Let’s chat about it, you guys. I’m serious, let’s hang out and chat!

Join KitchenParty as we discuss how to “dine like Draper and drink like Sterling.” We’ll chat about our favorite food/cocktail scenes from the show and share authentic recipes from the Mad Men era. Food and cocktails (especially cocktails) have played a supporting role throughout the series. Viewers have enjoyed a culinary journey through the 1960s… and reports are that the final season will take us through the 70s and perhaps beyond.

If you are a fan of the show or Bit by a Fox or 1960s culinary adventures…this celebration of popular mid-century food & cocktails that made the show memorable, is NOT to be missed. Oh, and if you have a working computer that will let you do things like live stream virtual cocktail parties…that’s pretty necessary. And, tuning in to join the live chat is surprisingly easy! Just click on this BakeSpace.Com link right before it’s to start tonight, 5pm PDT or 8pm EDT, and you’re good to go! There are also other ways for you to watch and interact:

Watch on Youtube:
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Watch on G+:
Chat live with us on twitter using ‪#‎kitchenparty‬ & #madmen

SOOOO much technology that you can take part in. Me? I’ll just be shaking and stirring and drinking multiple 60s era cocktails, staring into my computer screen and making sure my lipstick stays on throughout the live stream-y thingie. Wheeee!

I’ll be joining Peter Zheutli, co-author of “The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook” Cookbook”, Steve Isaacs, host, Sweet Ride USA and Creative Director BPG Interactive. Co-hosted by Babette Pepaj (Founder & Rene Lynch (Reporter LA Times).

I hope you tune in! Ask questions! Chat it up! And share with us YOUR fave drinkie moments on Mad Men. I know I have a few…

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