Join This Friday’s LIVE ChefsFeed Cocktail Class

Take Your Whiskey Cocktails to the Next Level”

Last week’s live ChefsFeed class – 3 Classic Whiskey Cocktails Everyone Should Know – was the virtual cocktail party I didn’t know I needed. I enjoyed it so much, I’ve decided to jump back in with another class. But this time I’m upping the game…

We’ll be exploring three more whiskey cocktails, building on the simple classics we discussed in the first class, and diving into a little more complex flavors and recipes.

The Boulevardier will be our boozy, stirred cocktail; The Penicillin, a variation on a whiskey sour, is a modern classic that calls for a blended and a single malt scotch; and like the Sazerac from last week, the Vieux Carre is an historic New Orleans original.

Join me as we dive into the history, classic recipes, and ingredients in all of these underrated classics!

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