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3 Classic Whiskey Cocktails Everyone Should Know

I sent a note out to a close group of friends the other day, and I thought I’d post something similar here to my foxy friends. Some of you guys have been with me from the beginning and have seen the evolution of Bit by a Fox – from the blog to events to the podcast, New York City to Los Angeles, around the world, and everything in between….

First of all, I hope you are all well and your friends and family are healthy and you’re all hanging in there as best as you can right now. It’s a weird time, and a sad time, and a magical time, and a crazy-making time…and a particularly boozy time, amirite?

While alcohol consumption has been up, the wine & spirits industry is taking a huge hit, especially the little guys – the local craft spirits and family run wineries and breweries. And, of course the entire hospitality industry is suffering terribly. As a freelancer, and business owner working in this industry, I’ve been scrambling to figure out what this new world looks like for me and my business. For the time being, it looks like everything is going virtual – events, experiences, and classes. And so…here we are! 

This Friday, May 1st at 4:30pm PST I’ll be hosting an hour long class with ChefsFeed3 Whiskey Cocktails Everyone Should Know

This will be live experience on ChefsFeed YouTube, and when you get a ticket you’ll get the link to take you to watch at the scheduled time. As a ticket holder, you can access the video any time after that. So if you can’t make it at that exact time, you can still watch and save and get the recipes.

ChefsFeed has been enormously supportive of the hospitality community – 100% of the ticket sales go to the host. This is the first time I’m doing this with these guys, and I’d love for it to go well, and to pack the “house” with those that know me. If you are able, I’d love to see you there. And if you can spread the word, I’d be so grateful. xo pr

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