Introducing Patrón Silver Tequila in a 1-liter Bottle!

Patron Silver Flowers

Just in time for the holidays, Patrón has released its first-ever 1-liter Patrón Silver tequila bottle. This limited edition, larger bottle is decorated with the iconic bee design made from pure pewter, and is topped with an elegant glass stopper.


In the spirit of the Art of Patrón program, to help celebrate this launch, I created another DIY spin on this new bottle. It’s no Crafty Fox, but it DID get me pretty excited about setting the table for Thanksgiving by creating a fall-inspired, floral centerpiece. Disclosure – I DID get a healthy assist from one of my favorite flower shops, Stems Brooklyn. But I did have to edit down the flowers so they could fit! How beautiful does this all look?!

Patron Silver 1-liter Bottle

Don’t worry, no tequila was harmed in the creation of this project. All of that lovely Patrón Silver has just been transferred to another air tight vessel, albeit, not quite as pretty! This would be perfect to bring over for a host/hostess gift this time of year. When the guests have devoured the inside of the bottle, the outside can live on as a centerpiece throughout the holiday season!

Sponsored: This post was made possible by Patrón and this project was fueled by Tequila. As usual, all opinions are my own.

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