Happy Halloween! Beer Witches, Spirited Spirits, and a Magickal Podcast!

Listen to This is Where the Magick Happens: Ep 22 Possessed by Spirits”

For this #ThrowbackThursday, I thought I’d post on the blog (since I didn’t back in July!) the time I was a guest on the hilarious witchy podcast This is Where the Magic Happens. This new-ish podcast is all about witchcraft, the paranormal, spirit guides, astrology, mysticism…with magickal (and hilarious) humans Ryan Singer & Angela Lovell.

I HAD THE BEST TIME. I talked about witches making beer, and Goddesses of beer and the women brewmasters behind all the witchy tropes we identify with today. We also talked about the magic of Big Sur and the Sedona vortex and POLITICS.

This was their July 4th episode but I thought it would be a perfect one to bring back for Halloween! Please listen to this beautiful episode and be sure to subscribe!

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