Grey Gardens Hot Toddy with Maker’s Mark


Whiskey, lemon juice, honey…maybe a cinnamon stick. That’s the recipe for a classic hot toddy. Simple, straightforward, and let’s be real, a little boring. I’ve never been crazy about straight up hot toddys unless I’m sick. And even then I tend to doctor it up with ginger or a little cayenne pepper (that’ll put some hair on your chest when you’ve got the sniffles!)


So, I was excited when the fine folks from Maker’s Mark reached out to me to be part of their #MakeItTealicious Hot-Tea Toddy Blogger Challenge. Also, I’m pretty into puns and that hashtag is 100! (I’m like an old person and a tween all at the same time!)


Maker’s Mark and Harney & Sons Teas have joined forces for this challenge (today is International Tea Day, by the way guys!!) and it was so fun to experiment with all of their different sachets…with bourbon, of course! There was a lot of boozy tea toddys made this past week, all in the name of recipe testing!


I’m a huge fan of using tea in cocktails, and earl grey is one of my favorites. With its heady bergamot flavors and dark, rich characteristics, it tends to pair well with spirits. And Harney & Sons has a delightful Winter White Earl Grey that makes for an amazing hot bourbon cocktail.


The addition of maple syrup, a little cream, and freshly ground nutmeg makes this feel just like the holidays! I hope you find this as TEAlicious as much as I did! 😉 Cheers!


Grey Gardens Hot Toddy
1 oz Maker’s Mark
1 cup of Harney & Sons Winter White Earl Grey Tea
1 tsp maple syrup
1 TSP half & half
garnish: freshly ground nutmeg

After brewing the Harney & Sons Winter White Earl Grey tea sachet in a cup of hot water, stir in the maple syrup, Maker’s Mark and half & half. Garnish with freshly ground nutmeg.


Bit by a Fox received these samples without payment.

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