Gone Glamping!


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I’ve got camping on the brain. In just a few short hours, this New Yorker will be hitting the road for rural Pennsylvania to commune with nature for an entire weekend. It’s true! We’ll be grilling various things outdoors, sitting around an absurdly large bonfire and sleeping under the stars, like you do. That’s camping, guys! And trying to avoid bears. I’m into seeing them from a distance but don’t come knocking on my tent, guy. To be fair, this is a rather glamorous version of camping. I mean, there’s a pizza oven on the property, a docking station for smart phones and even a Porta Potty not too far from camp. And last year, we had an unbelievable fireworks show that made me feel like I was in a movie version of my life. Because I had such an amazing experience last year, I wanted to contribute something that the rest of the group could enjoy. So…booze.

But, what to make for a large group of people with varying tastes? That is the magic question. Too bad I can’t bring this Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Woody Trailer with me. But alas, $150,000 is a lot of clams for a once a year excursion!

Bulleitt Bourbon Woodie TailgaterSince it’s still National Bourbon Heritage Month and we WILL be celebrating this beautiful land, America’s “Native Spirit” should be represented, right? I was also thinking of a shandy type drink since beer will be a popular bevvy…and whatever I make shouldn’t be too serious. Alright, I better figure it out! I still have to pack my camping outfits! Let me know if you have any brilliant ideas! I’ll check back in after the weekend to share my results. Bonfire Brew, here we come!

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