Foxy Friends: Love & Victory’s Meg Moorhouse

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Over these last few years, Bit by a Fox has given me the opportunity to connect with so many creative and inspiring people, many of them entrepreneurs themselves. For this new series on the blog, Foxy Friends, I’ll be profiling the dynamos (and their creations) that I think everyone else should know, if they don’t already! For my very first Foxy Friends feature, I present to you the powerhouse designer, talented artist, boss lady and, most importantly, cocktail fan Meg Moorhouse from (my new obsession) Love & Victory!


Raised in New Jersey, Meg somehow escaped without mall hair. She did, however, retain her Italian American family’s love for long, drawn out meals and plenty of drink.

Since moving to Brooklyn in 2000 (we’re nearly neighbors!), Meg has worn a LOT of creative hats through the years. From long-term collaborations with artists such as Glenn Ligon and Robert Gober at Dieu Donné Papermill to a designer gig for New York handbag label M Z WALLACE. From 2002-2006, Meg co-founded and -designed the quirky accessories label La Voleuse, known for its hand-painted ballet slippers emblazoned with tattoo designs and song lyrics from favorites like Dolly Party and The Smiths. How could you not love that?! Her designs have been featured in publications such as WWD Accessories Guide, Lucky, and The New York Times Magazine.

And then there’s Love & Victory, her one stop shop for personalized gifts that are equal parts beautiful, whimsical and classic. Like these custom designed Bit by a Fox engraved rocks glasses! I’m so in loooove. Stay tuned to see how YOU can win a pair of your very own custom designed glass set…

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Meg seeks to create the perfect gift, a gift that you’re excited to give… even if it’s to yourself. She loves a great cocktail and relishes the opportunity to create beautiful, personal barware that’s both new- and old-school and encourages her favorite sport: Imbibing!


You’re so multi-talented from graphic and product design to creating jewelry, original art and web sites, what has drawn you to engraving in particular?

Thank you! I’ve done all sorts of art & design, it’s true—branding, products, web. I feel happiest when I’m solving design problems, and I enjoy doing that in all media. I don’t like feeling hemmed into one realm and think that if you think with a designer-ly brain, you can learn to design anything!

In terms of products, sometimes I start with an idea and figure out the production to support it. Other times, I know of a craftsperson or trade I want to work with and design a product to fit. For my engraved glassware, I first had an idea for the His/Hers/Ours decanter set—sort of something that I felt like you should be able to get a vintage version of, but I hadn’t seen one quite like it, so I found some folks who could do the engraving for me. I love that it’s a slightly more modern take on a vintage style. Pretty much sums up my taste to a T.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I am just a voracious viewer, always looking at things, vintage and new. I grew up in New Jersey, going to thrift stores and estate sales weekly, and I’ve never lost my thirst for the hunt. I’m like a freakish competitor. It’s not pretty. Totally elbows out, trying to beat the next guy out for the good stuff.

In terms of styles that I find inspiring, I love Victorian mourning jewelry and sweetheart jewelry. Old engraved glass souvenirs. Tattoos. Vintage typography, lettering, penmanship.

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You make so many beautiful pieces, I’d want to keep everything! Do you ever have a hard time letting them go?

No, it’s how I made a living, so I’m glad to sell them! Kidding, not kidding. Really I’m just happy each and every time someone makes a purchase, because it means that they like what I design which is truly the greatest compliment. Truth be told, I probably own a version of everything I design, so I do hoard plenty of the wares.

How has being a mom influenced your work? Has there been a change in your aesthetic?

When I was pregnant with Louella, I designed our custom engraved rings, which I suppose were done with myself and all of my friends who were becoming mothers in mind. I would say that it’s changed my working style more than my aesthetic. I have to squeeze things into less time, so I’m more efficient!


Do you have any favorite glassware pieces that you’ve created at the moment?

I love our Everyday & The Good Stuff Decanter Set. It started as a joke, with the Everyday one being gigantic and The Good Stuff much smaller. I love an element of humor always. But the Ours Decanter Set is still my favorite. It’s just the best gift. People literally sometimes buy them by the half-dozen to stock up for a summer of weddings. And now we have a Mine set for single folks. Or people who don’t like to share.


What’s your go-to drink right now?

This summer I’ve been drinking a hell of a lot of caipirinhas. My favorite cocktail to make for friends is probably an Aviation. I got my recipe from my friend, Kathryn Weatherup, because she makes a damn good one. Their lavender color is so gorgeous, and I feel like it pleases even the folks who think they don’t like gin. It’s just my mission to get all of my pals to be gin drinkers.

Is there any way to see your pieces in person? What stores are you currently selling out of?

Absolutely. We sell at a few dozen stores around the country. In New York City, you can find our glassware at Catbird and In God We Trust.


Any future projects you’re working on that you’re excited about?

Yes! We are working on a “deck of cards” that is a collection of 52 classic cocktails. Working our way them has been SUCH. A. TOUGH. JOB. Just kidding—best job ever! Designing them is a big job, but we’re so excited about how they’re coming together!

Meg lives and works in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn with her graphic designer husband, Willy, their 5-year-old daughter Louella, and their not-so-friendly cat, Beatrice

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