Flashback Friday to a Whiskey & Chocolate Sail and a Special Valentine’s Promo!

Whiskey Sail

You’d think it would be pretty difficult for me to flashback to this warm summer’s day on the Hudson River nearly 6 months ago now, with the Blizzard of the Century brewing in the mid-Atlantic and all…but I have a pretty active fantasy life. I mean, I’m very much in denial about the fact that my last week in New York may very well be me trapped inside my apartment, packing up my life, forced with the realization that I’ve been hoarding tote bags for the last ten years! Also, is it the magic year I toss all of these boxes of CDs from the 90s? (don’t answer that)

Soooo, let’s just forget about all that and take a look at what a perfect day THIS was.

Whiskey Sail7

Yes, it was August, and as is typical of the season in New York, it was pretty sweltering. But once we caught some wind in those sails and pushed off into the sparkling Hudson, it was perfection. Also, whisk(e)y and chocolate were promised, so this afternoon was just going to get better and better.

Whiskey Sail10

Whiskey Sail6

I booked this Whiskey and Chocolate Sail through a company called Cloud 9 Living, an experiential gifting site that features everything from food tours around your favorite city to hot air balloon rides and zipline canopy adventures. You can even learn how to fly a helicopter with expert instructors or dive out of planes! I think I’ll stick with sailboats, with whiskey on them, thanks.

Whiskey Sail13

I don’t know about anyone else, but I felt pretty fancy as we pulled out of the dock, and into the magical waters with a whiskey cocktail already in hand. This is LIFE! I do this all the time! Let me Instagram the h*ck out of this moment! (that was my internal dialogue, btw. also, my internal voice is clearly a braggart)

We were then offered flights of whiskey – one micro-distilled, one small-batch and one mass-produced, as well as chocolate truffles to pair with them. Our guide for this tasting was David Naczycz, Founder of Urban Oyster Tours, who clearly knew a thing or two about whiskey AND how to dress for a nautical adventure.

David from Whiskey & Chocolate Sail

Whiskey Sail16Whiskey Sail17

I gotta say, this was a pretty romantic experience. The sunshine reflecting off the water and the New York City skyline, the lapping of the waves and salty air…and the chocolate and whiskey, of course(!), made for a very romantique afternoon! And it got me to thinking about Valentine’s Day coming up. I love giving the gift of experiences for all kinds of occasions. But this experience would be a really perfect one to share with a love. Same with that hot air balloon ride one…or maybe the glass blowing class! There are so many good ones!

Whiskey Sail18

Also, now that I’m facing the reality of all of the STUFF that I’ve collected over the years, and if I’m going to hold onto it for another ten plus years or toss it to the curb, I’m very happy to avoid getting any more stuff for the rest of my life. (moving is hard you guys, it’s very existential).

So, instead of spending your money on more stuff for your sweetheart this year, put that hard-earned cashola towards something the both of you can experience together!

Whiskey Sail9

Great news, lovers! I have a Valentine’s Day gift to you, my dear readers! To help you stretch those dollars of love, I’ve got a special customized promo code from the good folks at Cloud 9 Living. Please see below for how you can get $15 off your order with them! Bisous!

Bit by a Fox Valentine’s Day promo code details:

  • Code: VDAYFOX15
  • Good for: $15 off total order value from http://www.cloud9living.com
  • Limits: one code per order; one code per customer
  • Valid thru: February 15, 2016

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