Fall In The Catskills & The Phoenicia Flea

Check out our spectacular fall weekend in the Catskills last week! 

Could that montage be any more autumnal?! Can’t you just smell the wood smoke in your scarf, hear the crunchy leaves underfoot and taste the hot, spiced apple cider and whiskey cocktails I was concocting?? If you weren’t transported by that explosion of earth tones and woodsy landscapes, I’ll break it down for you….

pf foxes den2This was our cute set up for the Phoenicia FleaPrizes For Arla and Bit by a Fox joined forces to create our own little, fashionably boozy corner: The Foxes Den.

pf foxes denWe were a little worried about the weather right before the weekend, because our stupid iPhones were predicting a dump of rain on us all day Saturday. But after a little sprinkling during the set-up in the morning, the sun came out and remained there the entire weekend. The sky was bright and clear, the air was cool, and everyone was thrilled to be there – vendors, locals and weekenders alike!

pf thorneater
pf lights and boothsIf you hadn’t read last week’s post, you might not be clued into what I was doing up in this charming town, other than soaking in my favorite season. I was making cocktails, of course!

pf prBut I was also selling seasonal cocktail syrups that I usually make this time of year to go into those yummy cocktails…so people can make their own at home!

pf table med

pf menupfThere were cocktail recipe cards from the blog for each of the syrups – Coffee, Pumpkin Pie Spice, Ginger & Rose Hip – for people to take with them.

pf table syrups c&p.jpg
pf table syrups g&rhI was also mixing some of those seasonal tipples up for people to try, including a hot version of Whiskey & Spice & Everything Nice.

pf pps syrupThere were also a couple of cocktails created especially for the Phoenicia Flea last weekend! Like the Indian Summer Gimlet with Rose Hip Syrup, Bombay Sapphire East and Limoncello…and, a yet-to-be named tipple with Coffee Syrup, sparkling hard cider, bourbon and lemon. I’ll be posting recipes for both of these cocktails in the next week. So, look out for those AND a cocktail syrup giveaway! We had an amazing weekend so I only have a few bottles left, but I’d LOVE to give them to my readers so they can concoct their own boozy, fall delights!

Thank you, The Graham & Co, Phoenicia Flea, and our uber charming host and man of moving parts, James for having us! We met the most delightful vendors, spent some of our hard-earned cash on beautiful hand-made goods, and had the best time. We hope to do it again next spring!

pf lightsMany of these photos are courtesy of the unofficial third member of the Foxes Den, the very talented Morgan Visconti

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