Everything’s Coming Up Daisies!

daisy hair
New York City was glorious this past weekend. The light: magic. The air: fragrant. The soundtrack: chirping birds and wind chimes. The sun shone DIRECTLY into my soul. It was heavenly. It felt like an angry, dirty, sludgy Instagram filter had been lifted from the entire city and that winter could possibly be on its last legs. It was almost, A L M O S T beautiful enough to forgive the torture that we’ve suffered these many months. New Yorkers: DO NOT FORGET! We must remind ourselves here in the Northeast that March is just a straight up tease, that jerkface time of year that screws with your head. I swear, every single New York resident has weather amnesia. I’m convinced no one would live here, otherwise. Winters are brutal, summers are a stinking, froth of steam for 3+ months and spring and fall, are always way too fleeting. But what happens once that first sun-kissed day with temps reaching the mid-fifties rolls around after a soul crushing vortex of misery? Without fail, tough-as-nails New Yorkers are transformed into goofy, grinning puppies, forgetting ALL about the dark, freezing kennels that held them captive for their entire lives. Gah, winter!

In any case, this weekend was lovely. The spectacular weather, coinciding with daylight savings, really made it feel like spring was upon us. Flirting, if you will, whispering sweet nothings in our ears. You guys, I was pretty into it. Listen, because we’ve paid some pretty hefty dues, weather-wise, I’m certain New York will be one big, frolicking garden of delight EVERY DAY, any day now! I’m pretty sure that’s how karma works. Look it up.

What I’m trying to say here is…I DID NOT post a daylight savings cocktail, as planned, yesterday. Because…the weather. Also, that extra hour we lost really threw me off my game! But, do not fret. While daisies may not necessarily be ready to poke up from the ground just yet, I have one in store for you all in the form of a delicious cocktail. The last time I posted about a Daisy, I was still jazzed about winter. (I forgive myself.)

Soooo, stay tuned for the Daylight Daisy, the sparkly, fruity, floral stuff of spring-fever dreams! Spoiler alert: It’s off the charts yummy.


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