Daylight Savings? Yes, PLEASE!

You guys! We are on the verge of a glorious weekend, rife with possibilities, and I’m afraid I’m suffering from a bad case of Boringitus with a side of superduperlaziness.

It may be this Polar Vortex that just won’t quit (holy mother of god, make it stop), or just the typical winter hibernation that sets in this time of year, but all I can muster after a work day comes to a close, is a desire to head home, curl up with a bottle of wine flavored wine and binge watch House of Cards/Downton Abbey/Nashville/Teen Wolf. (I will fiercely defend that last one, so don’t even.) All I want is to escape into a glass (or three, let’s be real) of vino and catch up on my STORIES. I haven’t even had the energy this past week to mix up a cocktail. I KNOW! But, squeezing lemons is HAAAARRRDDD.

You guys, I think I have the SADS! Something, something shitty ass weather, down in the dumps….I have that! LUCKILY, Daylight Savings is right around the corner to literally save the day slash my life slash my cocktail blog. It will soon be Spring and the sun will actually mean something around here and I will have caught up on all my shows…or I just won’t be as invested in Rayna James. In any case, Spring! Sundresses and Mint Juleps and open windows with fluttering curtains and chirpy birds. I’m pretty psyched about it. Remember to set your clocks AHEAD one hour on Sunday and get that blow torch ready for your winter coat. I know for certain that once that first consecutive week of great weather rolls around, that down coat of mine is going up in flames. Until then, I will hate-wear that thing and day-dream about fruity, floral cocktails. Speaking of which, get ready for a Daylight Savings tipple this weekend…

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