Custom Event Cocktails

Did you know that Bit by a Fox provides a custom cocktail design service for special events? It’s true! Original cocktails include a consultation, extensive research, recipe testing, and fun, conceptual names that fit thematically, of course! Bit by a Fox custom cocktails are fully comprehensive. And we want to make YOU look like a fox.

Maybe you want to elevate your wedding cocktail game with craft cocktails…

Or impress your clients and guests by taking your corporate event to the next level…

…Or perhaps you’re a brand that wants to highlight a product, stay true to the brand aesthetic, and get the most out of social media. We love to bring it all together for a beautiful, successful and memorable event.

Bit by a Fox offers a soup-to-nuts Brand Events Package that includes custom cocktail designs based on brand concept and theme, full customized bar and staff, promotion on the Bit by a Fox social media channels prior to the event, bartender training day-of, social media posts in real time during the event – Facebook Live, Snapchat, Instagram Stories, as well as a blog post and social media follow-up.

We also offer in-person tutorials, brand pics, and video of the event as well.

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