Cocktails! New York! Me! The FoodyDirect Interview You’ve All Been Waiting For!


FoodyDirect, is an online marketplace that enables users to find and get food from top restaurants, bakeries and gourmet grocers delivered right to their home or office.

A curated restaurant row.

Want authentic Texas barbecue but live in Michigan? Or have a hankering for Detroit-style pizza and you live in Texas? Or maybe you want Maryland crab cakes, cannolis from Ferrara’s in New York’s Little Italy and lobster rolls from Brooklyn’s Red Hook Lobster Pound, all at one party and you don’t want to spend your life hunting down a way to get it all delivered to your door. Well, this company can save the day, and make your gastronomic dreams come true. Basically, they’re doing what Seamless and Grubhub do in New York, on a national scale. That sounds like a million dollar idea, eh? Wish I thought of it!

Sooo, these geniuses have apparently deemed me an “Expert”…in sipping cocktails, that is! And so, I did an interview with them where I talked a whole lot about it. I also talked a little about how the Bit by a Fox blog came about. So, if you ever wondered what I think makes a perfect bar, or what my favorite cold weather cocktails are, or how to order drinks like a pro, check this out. Bottom line, I like to gab about COCKTAILS!

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