Cinco de Mayo? Try the Vera Cruz!

look what i fell into
Woops! Watch your step there, lady! And don’t go blaming falling ass first into a human-sized coupe glass on your broken ankle strap. That glass seems plenty large enough to avoid. And, all those rando bottles around you? We can see those, booze goggles! Get it together, girl!

Like Saint Patrick’s Day in the states, Cinco de Mayo has been appropriated to the point where the “holiday” doesn’t really mean much of anything other than getting sloppy drunk. It’s amateur hour out there in a lot of bars and consumption of cheap tequila and crappy sour mix are at an all time high. Sounds like (NOT) fuuuun!

Instead of spending your Monday night sucking down day-glow colored drinks in cactus shaped glasses, try out the delicious Vera Cruz, a tequila cocktail first profiled on this site back in October. This simple recipe only has four ingredients and the flavors – tequila, ginger, coffee and lime may sound a little weird together but, I promise, it totally works! And, luckily, it looks like the limepocolypse may be coming to a close, so now you can stock up on those precious green babies and get to work!

The coffee simple syrup is one of the easiest to make. Simply make a cup of strong, fresh brewed coffee and while it’s still hot, pour in a cup of sugar. To make sure the sugar is fully dissolved, you can place in a mason jar and give a good shake. It makes a little over a cup and keeps about a month in the refrigerator. For the ginger liqueur, try the incredible, Brooklyn made Barrow’s Intense Ginger liqueur, if you can find it, or the lovely Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur.

The Veracruz Cocktail Recipe

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