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Throwback Thursday: Let’s Get Bit…Again!

This is my sober face. Awwww, remember that tawdry, pulp mag pic from my very first blog post?? No? Well, you may not be alone! Since more eyes are on this blog than ever before, I figured, in honor of Throwback Thursday, I’d re-post that original manifesto-of-sorts; the very first call to foxy cocktail enthusiasts […]

Let’s Get Bit!

Bit By a Fox! Isn’t it a delightful expression? Made all the more appealing, I happen to think, to know that it is an English tavern phrase dating back to the 16th century, meaning tipsy, a wee intoxicated, slightly inebriated, a tad squiffy…or as my mother likes to say, a little lit! Fox-drunk or foxed were also terms that […]