Bit by a Fox Turns One!

Whiskey FoxI can hardly believe that it’s been a whole year since I started this boozy blog. SOOO many cocktails created! Favorite spirits sipped, shaken and discussed! Vintage photos stolen from the internet! Events thrown and attended! Restaurants and bars crushed on! Fuzzy pictures of drinks posted! And SO many foxes. Seriously. I’ve gotten so many adorable, foxy things from friends and family since I started this thing: teacups, stationary, earrings, pins, figurines, dishes and hand drawn cards. And I still can’t get enough! I’m turning into a crazy, fox lady. And I don’t caaaaare. I mean…

foxy glassesC’mon!!! Look at those faces. All the better to bite you with, my dear!

So, instead of posting a cocktail recipe for the one year anniversary of this blog, I thought I’d share with you, my foxy friends, what I envision for the Bit by a Fox site this coming year.

  • Cocktails! (of course) – more pics, searchable and printable recipes
  • Video content
  • Guest bloggers and Q&As with special boozy guests
  • Visitor Interaction – recipe sharing, cocktail discussions, feedback on posts
  • Cocktail Style – featured bar ware, bar carts, foxy duds
  • Fox on the Town – documenting our favorite bars, restaurants and events in New York City & beyond
  • Distillery tours – a behind the scenes look at how our booze is made

Sooo, that’s a lot! But it won’t be all at once. And I’ll be introducing most of this stuff soon after the redesign of the site. This fox needs a little make-over! And I’m super excited to discover all of these changes with all of you!

Next week, at this time, I’ll be in Las Vegas for the Fifth Annual Saveur Magazine Best Food Blog Awards at the Bellagio Hotel. I’m so beyond excited, I can barely stand it. It’s such an incredible honor because I’ll be there with some of the most talented food and drinks bloggers around right now. It’s really these guys that have made me want to up my game. I hope you’ve had a chance to check out all of the winners, as well as the folks nominated in each category. It will send you down a crazy, food blogging wormhole where you’ll emerge incredibly hungry, inspired to go exotic spice shopping, and overcome with the need to take pictures of every luscious crumb on your plate. It’s head-spinning how beautiful these blogs are. You guys! I’ve spent the entire year posting pictures of cocktails with my iPhone! Woops! Instagram filters don’t really translate that well off of the phone and onto a big computer screen. So, yeah, I finally bought a camera. Duh. Viva la Cannon! So that’s the first change around here, and it starts NOW (those pics above are my first!)

So, thank you for sticking with me through all of the grainy shots…and insane rants about the weather, suggestive vintage pictures that have nothing to do with booze, holiday countdown obsessions and epically long posts. It really means a lot.

Cheers to another year of getting Bit by a Fox!


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