BBaF Podcast: Remus Repeal Reserve with MGP Master Blender, David Whitmer

Listen to Remus Repeal Reserve with MGP Master Blender, David Whitmer

September marks National Bourbon Heritage Month, and this year I’ve decided to celebrate over on The Bit by a Fox Podcast by having a new bourbon-focused episode every Friday.

This week we are kicking off the festivities with an interview with MGP’s David Whitmer, the master blender behind the distillery’s award-winning brands, including the coveted Remus Repeal Reserve.

With the September 1st launch of the Series IV expression, we discuss the consumer excitement behind this fourth release, why the launch was chosen to be before the traditional Repeal Day this year, and the legendary story of lawyer, bootlegger, and bon vivant, George Remus – the inspiration behind the brand, and possibly, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s character, Jay Gatsby! 

This week’s featured cocktail is a Sazerac featuring Remus Repeal Reserve Series IV

Remus Sazerac
2 oz Remus Repeal Reserve
bar spoon Absinthe
4 dashes Bitters
1/4 oz maple syrup
Garnish: Lemon Peel 

Add absinthe to a rocks glass, swirl it around to coat the glass and dump out remaining liquid, then set aside. Add the rest of the ingredients with ice. Stir until chilled. Strain into a rocks glass with large ice cube. Twist lemon oils into drink. Discard or add to the glass.

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