BBaF Podcast: Jefferson’s Bourbon with Founder Trey Zoeller

Listen to Episode 101: Jefferson’s Bourbon with Founder Trey Zoeller

In continuation of National Bourbon Heritage Month, this week’s guest on the Bit by a Fox Podcast is Trey Zoeller, founder of Jefferson’s Bourbon, a collection of small batch bourbons founded in 1997, before there was much of a ‘craft’ spirits industry to speak of.

Trey and I discussed his family’s deep connection to Kentucky bourbon, Jefferson’s early days before the bourbon boom when he could barely give the stuff away, and his experimental approach to aging whiskey on a shark tagging vessel. 

This week’s featured “cocktail” is how Trey prefers to drink Jefferson’s Small Batch. We’re calling it Trey’s Favorite.

Trey’s Favorite is Jefferson’s Very Small Batch bourbon poured over a large rock, with a few dashes of spiced cherry bitters, garnished with a twist. 

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