BBaF Podcast Episode 88: Cocktails with a Twist with Kara Newman

Listen to Episode 88: Cocktails with a Twist with Kara Newman

This week on the Bit by a Fox Podcast, we have return guest – New York-based food, wine, and spirits writer Kara Newman on the show.

She discusses her sixth cocktail book, an interactive sort of choose your own adventure book called Cocktails with a Twist. We also invent what we think should be a new classic cocktail, talk about babies making martinis, and our love of vermouth, gin and aquavit. 

This week’s featured cocktail is one Kara and I came up with in my living room just mere moments before the interview – riff on a Gin & It, the ‘Vit & It! 

‘Vit & It – served up in a Nick & Nora glass
2 oz Aquavit 
1 oz Sweet Vermouth
Orange Bitters
garnish: Orange twist 

Stir the aquavit and vermouth in an ice-filled mixing glass until sufficiently chilled. Add a few dashes of orange bitters. Strain into a chilled Nick & Nora glass. Twist the orange peel over the glass to extract the oils. Garnish and enjoy.

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