BBaF Podcast Episode 86: LiveWire Drinks with Aaron Polsky

Listen to Episode 86: LiveWire Drinks with Aaron Polsky

This week, we have is a bonus episode on the Bit by a Fox Podcast because our friend – bartender, cocktail rockstar, frequent Bit by a Fox Podcast guest, Aaron Polsky – is on the cusp of launching a super exciting craft cocktail business.

What happens when you structure a drinks business like a record label – highlighting the talent in the industry and their creations versus the brand itself? That’s what Aaron wants to do with his ready to drink canned cocktails LiveWire Drinks, working with some of the most acclaimed bartenders around the world, and bottling their genius for the masses. 

Check out the bartenders featured in this first round of LiveWire Drinks, launching in March 2020. All photos taken by Doron Gild.

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