BBaF Podcast Episode 74: Plymouth Gin Master Distiller Sean Harrison

Listen to Episode 74: Plymouth Gin Master Distiller Sean Harrison”

This week’s Bit by a Fox Podcast is an exciting one. I got to sit down with the Master Distiller of one of my all time favorites, Plymouth Gin

Sean Harrison joined Plymouth Gin 25 years ago as Assistant Manager and is now the Master Distiller and keeper of one of the oldest and iconic gin recipes that has been passed down verbally to every Master Distiller since 1793.

Sean was in town celebrating World Martini Day, so naturally, I reserved some time for a chat. We spoke about Sean’s beginnings as a fledgling distiller, what it’s like to be the maker of such a historic brand, and how he’s witnessed the gin craze grow bigger than he ever imagined over the last two decades all while working at one of the most beloved gin brands in the world.

This week’s featured cocktail is one of Sean’s favorites, a 50/50 martini using Plymouth Gin and Lillet Rosé:

Rosé Fifty-Fifty 
1 part Plymouth Gin 
1 part Lillet Rosé 
Grapefruit Twist (Sean prefers no garnish!)

Stir and serve up or in a rocks glass over a large cube of ice, garnish optional.

Photos courtesy of Plymouth Gin.

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