BBaF Podcast Episode 41: Cognac Pt. 3

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We’re now in the final episode of our three-part Cognac series on the Bit by a Fox Podcast. If you’ve been following along here, my social media or the podcast, you know that I visited the Cognac region in the Southwest of France at the beginning of harvest season last month.

It was as amazing as that all sounds! I cannot recommend going to this part of the world at this exact time of year ENOUGH. I was able to visit a variety of Cognac houses, I ate my weight in delicious French food and drank some of the finest brandies in the world. So, yeah it was pretty much a win. In this week’s episode I again sit down with two Cognac houses, both with a rich heritage and British DNA but again, very different from one another.

Hardy Cognac the “Haute Couture of Cognac” has a decidedly feminine flair.

The packaging is known for its graceful elegance with some high end expressions bottled in Lalique crystal carafes and delivered in a hat box style with purse handle.

Bright magentas and violets color their branding but even the juice inside the bottles is designed with a female palate in mind, according to Maison Hardy’s 5th generation cognac producer and international brand ambassador, Benedicte Hardy.

To visit with Benedicte at her incredibly stylish headquarters and to taste through the legendary vintages is to truly understand the power of the feminine in Hardy Cognac.

Benedicte, herself is fantastically chic She greeted us with her perfectly coiffed hair, Dior pink lipstick, an elegant pantsuit & kitten heels. She was warm and welcoming but as she led us through production and a tasting with cellar master Mickael Bouilly we got to see that fierce boss lady there as well. By the end of our visit, each one of us had major girl crushes on Benedicte Hardy for life.

While both Cognac houses featured this week have British origins, it is Hine Cognac that continues to maintain strong ties to its British past.

With a portion of their Cognac aged in the UK, and as of 1962, the only house that supplies Cognac to the Queen of England, they are considered a British house in France. Hine is particularly known for their vintage Cognacs and their distinctive style.

Their contemporary packaging even has a British flair. The stag logo, bold graphics, and clean, modern design keeps this 255 year old Cognac house young and fresh.

Per Even Allaire, Director of International Sales for Hine Cognac, led us on a tour of their cellars dating back before Cognac even – to the 1500s and tasted us on some truly remarkable Cognacs. He also sat down with me to discuss Hine Cognac’s distinctive approach.

For this week’s cocktail recipe I thought I’d include a simple Cognac based drink that I ended up falling in love with on my visit. It is also a local favorite – Cognac & Tonic.

Cognac & Tonic
2 oz Cognac
4 oz Tonic Water
Lemon wedge

In a Highball glass filled with ice, stir in ingredients and squeeze the lemon wedge and drop in the glass.

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