BBaF Podcast Episode 36: Peruvian Pisco with Romina Scheufele

Listen to Episode 36: Peruvian Pisco with Romina Scheufle”

Pisco. What exactly is this South American spirit that has been all abuzz in the cocktail world in recent years? Its history goes back to the 16th century, but it’s still largely undiscovered by the average American consumer. Other than the Pisco Sour, many wouldn’t know how to order it, what to look for when purchasing it or how to properly drink it. We’ve discussed Pisco before and we’ve even had some recipes featuring Capurro Pisco on this very blog. But for this week’s Bit by a Fox podcast, we do a little deep dive into the subject with some major help from a friend…

This week’s guest, pisco expert Romina Scheufele, helps us to understand why this spirit is so special. Her family has been in the pisco making business for 5 generations, over 100 years; She is President & CEO at Capurro Pisco, her family’s artisan pisco from Peru – so she may know a little something about this Peruvian brandy.

For this week’s episode, we decided to feature one of the most popular cocktails in Peru, the Chilcano,

In an ice-filled highball glass add 2 Oz. pisco, top with ginger ale, squeeze some fresh lime juice, give it a stir and enjoy!


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