BBaF Podcast Episode 22: Rosé All Day

Tomorrow is National Rosé Day, yes, it’s an actual day, and not just a lifestyle, thankyouverymuch. I thought we’d get into the spirit by diving into this pink summer fave on the podcast. The thousand years of history, the French Riviera glamour, the highs, and the lows lows (blush wine, anyone?) This wine is a fighter and boy she’s made a comeback over the years in a big way.

Listen to Episode 2: Rosé All Day” – me

Instead of creating a recipe for this week’s episode I wanted to feature one of my recent favorite affordable rose picks for the summer and one many of you will be able to find at your local wine shop: Gérard Bertrand’s Cote des Roses Rosé. 

It has a glass stopper instead of a cork, and the base of the bottle is in the shape of a rose. Besides its GORGEOUS bottle, its truly a lovely wine that reflects the qualities you’d expect in a traditional rose from the South of France. Fresh, light, crisp with a wonderful balance of fruit and acidity. Great on its own and with food.

I had the pleasure of visiting this winery in the stunning Languedoc-Roussillon coastal region in southern France this last winter where I met the famed wine maker Gérard Bertrand and fell pretty hard for that part of France and the spectacular wines made there. But I had actually discovered Cote des Roses Rosé way before that trip! It’s a perfect summer sipper. And the $15-18 price point just sweetens the deal!

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