Atsby Vermouth Tasting & Pumpkin Pie Spice Syrup

Atsby Vermouth BottlesAtsby Vermouth Bottles

Tonight’s Atlantic Cellars tasting is with Atsby Vermouth. This new generation of vermouth is made with vintage grapes from Long Island, New York, in small batches upstate. I am already a big fan of these botanical beauties on their own but I was really excited to use them in cocktails. Continuing my love affair with fall, I decided that I’d make a Pumpkin Pie Spice Syrup for one of the cocktails, Amber Waves of Grain. OMIGOD, it made my apartment smell like a cozy New England cabin in the woods. For that same pumpkin spice cocktail, I also wanted to highlight the fact that apple brandy is used as a base for these vermouths, and included another New York made spirit to the mix: StillTheOne Apple Brandy, also made from New York apples – which I had the chance to taste at last week’s StillTheOne Distillery tasting. It’s going to be an Autumnal hometown kind of night! Stop by anytime from 6-9pm and experience these exciting, local new spirits.

Atsby Vermouth Cocktail Recipes

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