Aaaaaand, We’re Back!

Oh, heeeeeey! Long time, no write. How’ve you been, my foxy friends?? Is 2014 living up to your expectations? Are you downing kale & beet juice every morning before hitting spin class or have you already ditched your cleanse/diet/workout plan for a cute pair of stretchy pants and a resolution to just accept your flawed self, damnit!? Whatever it is, I hope you feel good about it!

Welp. It has been a full two weeks since I last posted something here and (possibly, not coincidentally) a full two weeks since I poured any booze down my gullet. New Year’s Day called for multiple rounds of Bloody Mary’s at my fave brunch spot in the hood, duh. But after that, it’s been a bone dry January for this kid. I hadn’t even realized that ‘Dry January’ was a thing when I made the decision to give my liver a vacation in the zenith of my booze consumption sometime towards the end of the holidays. All I knew was that my insides needed a break before they were completely pickled.

Dry January is actually a campaign/challenge, officially set up by the UK organization, Alcohol Concern, to encourage people to abstain from alcohol for a month while raising money for alcohol related diseases. Their Twitter page has 3400 followers devoted to this booze-less month. And, of course, Drystagram is a thing that exists. Although, it’s not very visually exciting, I’m afraid. They don’t really make NOT drinking look very fun. It’s really just a bunch of pictures of very sober looking people holding up the same sign saying: “CAN YOU STAY OFF BOOZE FOR 31 DAYS?” Um…not if I’m forced to look at this snooze-fest for a month. It’s not particularly inspiring. They need to step up their ‘Gram game. At least show us some delicious looking mocktails or exciting activities you probably shouldn’t be doing while drunk, like hang gliding or texting your ex.

In any case, I’m back. I may not be diving headfirst into cocktails, myself, just yet but I am willing to get back on the boozy blog wagon, at least!

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  1. mammayes
    January 15, 2014 at 9:35 am (7 years ago)

    I’ve been on the juice (as in vege/fruits) and tried to quit the other juice, but I ended up just cutting down. I didn’t know Jan was a dry month either until I ran into my neighbor who said he does it every year. Oh well. I was wondering if you had any tips for non-alcoholic cocktails, like mixing some of your amazing syrups into hot drinks or stirring them up with seltzer.


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