November 2019 archive

BBaF Podcast Episode 79: Climate Change is Coming For Your Cocktails with Jason Horn

For this week’s episode I’m talking to food and drinks writer Jason Horn about his most recent story as drinks contributor for Climate Change is Coming For Your Cocktails. The changing weather is rapidly affecting our food and drink, and it may even be responsible for killing what could have been the best bar in the world. 

The Master Blend: A Bartender Series – Michael Kudra

This week we’re continuing our Bartender Interview Series, The Master Blend – a collaboration with BERTOUX Brandy. This bi-weekly series of interviews will have each bartender discuss their distinct style, biggest inspirations, and how they’re making their mark on today’s cocktail culture. This week’s guest is Michael Kudra, head bartender at the three Michelin starred restaurant Quince in San Francisco. Kudra, formerly from Chicago’s famed Aviary, moved to California in 2017 to take over the fine dining bar program at Quince. We discussed how his move to California has helped to encourage his biggest inspirations behind the bar.