12 Days of Cocktails: Day Two

I’m sorry, but everything about this looks SUPER dangerous. Santa will be fine but it is not going to end well for that shoeless lady in hot pants and her packages of death, slung casually over her shoulder with what looks to be strangle ribbons.

Vespa Santa

Welp, as you might’ve guessed from yesterday’s drinky blog post, I’m suffering a bit from a wee hangover. It’s, in fact, a pretty major one. A pack of foxes actually attacked me last night….in the form of Spanish wine, bubbly and margaritas. There may have been a shot in there too. Rookie mistake. But I was with some ladies who really know how to throw down and we were in the holiday spirit. Wheeee, I feel like puke. Happy Holidays! While I nurse my self induced ailments with various kinds of hair-of-the-fox remedies, the last thing I want to think about is more cocktails. However, the blog must go on! And since I already set myself up for 12 Days of Cocktails for the holiday season, there’s no backing out now. Let’s get to it!

Let’s, actually revisit a cocktail I posted last June on, ironically enough, the first day of summer: The Famiglia Royale. We’re revisiting this cocktail because, while it is a perfect summertime tipple, the combination of the bittersweet, citrus flavors in Campari mingling with Gin, Italian Vermouth and bubbly, makes this sparkling Negroni an ideal holiday cocktail as well. That orange twist at the end is crucial if you really want to bring it.

The simple ingredient breakdown and ease of putting this cocktail together, should make it a go-to for any of your holiday parties that you actually want to enjoy. Take it from me, any shortcuts you can take to prevent from being your own bartender all night, should be taken. Making drinks for your friends is fun but not if you are stuck doing that and nothing else. You can make the Negroni components ahead of time in a pitcher or two and when ready to serve, just pour over ice, top with sparkling wine and stir until chilled. Twist that orange peel to release those citrusy oils and rub the rim of the glass for an extra pop of flavor. Bottoms up!

famiglia royale


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