12 Days of Cocktails: Day Five – Hair of the Fox!

Are we having fun yet?!

beverly_hills_90210 x-mas
Is it all too much already? Are we hitting a holiday booze wall yet? Poor baby. Do we need a detox day? Fine. I feel you. I may be there, myself. Let’s take the day off and rehydrate so we can get back on the holiday horse. Hit a Bikram Yoga class, sweat out that egg nog, pop a few of these, and get on the coconut water bandwagon. I know there’s a lot of hate for the packaged stuff, and with good reason. None of the brands on the market compare to a freshly opened, young coconut in a sunny locale. Hell, nothing tastes as good as when you’re on vacation. However, I still find it my rehydrating beverage of choice when I’m looking for a ‘Hair of the Fox’ fix.

Aaaand, I’m here to inform all of you coconut water haters that there is one brand out there that doesn’t taste like a sweaty sock! Taste Nirvana!

Taste Nirvana Coconut Water
Seriously, it’s called Taste Nirvana. By the way, this blog post is not at all sponsored by Taste Nirvana. I WISH! Maybe they’d send me a case or two of the stuff! That shiz is not cheap! But, believe me, you’ll pay $3 a can for this stuff when you find yourself maxed out on holiday cheer.

So, fret not, coconut water gaggers, there is something out there that will replenish your electrolytes and does not taste like dirty dish water! You’re welcome.

Come back here tomorrow to get back to the hard stuff. Until then, Namaste, motherfoxes.

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