12 Days of Cocktails: Day 9 – Baileys & Coffee

Baileys & Coffee - BBAFWe’re in the homestretch of our 12 Days of Cocktails list here at Bit By a Fox, and while the temps are reaching close to 70 degrees in New York City(!!!), I’m getting more and more in the spirit! This morning, for instance, I decided it would be particularly festive of me to put a dollop of Baileys Irish Cream in my morning coffee. Now, any other time of year, that might not seem as acceptable. But during the holidays, this type of behavior is encouraged. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

pr with baileys mugI realize this isn’t a cocktail, per se – there’s only two ingredients. But since Baileys is comprised of a cocktail of sorts – alcohol, cream, sugar, herbs and Irish whiskey, of course, I’m pretty sure this can count as our ninth day cocktail! Plus, I don’t know of any other liqueur that is quite as synonymous with Christmas as this one is. At least, for me. I mentioned how Grand Marnier was one of the first tastes of booze I had when I was a kid. Well, I’m pretty sure Baileys was the absolute first. Don’t let your kids near this! I mean, it tastes exactly like dessert! Those tiny, little bottles looked like they were supposed to go in MY stocking. And don’t tell me those winky, little cups they’ve designed specifically for the stuff doesn’t look kid-sized. Just the kind of adorable a 12-year-old girl could get into.

Make this Christmas morning before you get into your presents. It’s always fun to prolong the excitement a little bit and this is worth the (very short) wait!

Baileys & Coffee
Take a mug of hot, strong premium joe.
Drop an ounce or two (for taste) of Baileys Irish Cream
Top with whipped cream (optional)

Enjoy! Now rip into those stockings!

I sort of love this Busby Berkeley inspired Baileys commercial that ran last year. Check it out:


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