12 Days of Cocktails: Day 6 – Mulled Wine

Oh heeeey! You must be freezing! Wanna warm up those mittens with a nice glass of…ICE COLD BUD??

Budweiser AdUm, what?! Who comes in after a day of skiing and frolicking in the snow and wants a frosty mug of Budweiser? Nice one, 1950s ad execs. I’m not buying it! A Hot Toddy, Irish Coffee, Hot Buttered Rum…YES! Now, these are apr├ęs-ski beverages. We all know that’s why people ski. Really, who needs to leave the lodge at all when there’s warm, booze around? Mulled Wine just might be my favorite warm libation. Not only is it the perfect winter defrost-er, it makes your home smell divine. Mulling spices are the best! I’ve often given pouches of these as gifts with directions to infuse maple syrup, make a spiced syrup for cocktails, spice up some cider or steep in wine. It’s a great, inexpensive gift that is so easy to put together. All you need is some cheese cloth or muslin and some twine to wrap up the spices. And here is a recipe for Mulled Wine that you can include!

Mulled Wine Recipe - Bit By a Fox
Now you’re ready for round two on the slopes!

Snow Bunny

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